International Drone Fest

Congrats to the winners of DroneFest!!
A mains:
1st: Jakee Stoltz
2nd: Jordan Krueger
3rd: Russ Milne

B mains:
1st: Corey Carlson
2nd: Kervin Ryan Pedraza
3rd: Dan Kuzma

Thanks to everyone who came out for battling the winds with us and making it a fun event. Special thanks to all the volunteers for putting in tons of hard work, resources, and planning to make the event a success. Thanks to our US pilots who came out and ran away with the show.  Looking forward to next year!

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Track layout for Sept 30:

Download this track for the Velocidrone sim here: Drone Fest 2017 Track

To import into Velocidrone:
1. Save .trk file to your My Documents folder
2. Open Velocidrone and go to Track Editor -> Import Track
3. Click on track to import it

Spectator Info

Come on out and witness Winnipeg’s first official drone fest. Admission: free!
We will have a designated specator area, as well as a large screen tv setup where you can view what the pilots are seeing as they fly in realtime.

Pilot Info

How do I sign up?

We use to organize pilot signup and manage video frequencies. To join this event:

1. Go to
2. Create an account
3. Once logged in go to:
4. Click the “Join” icon
5. Make sure your profile is filled out and you create aircraft profiles in order to check in to the event

There will be a $10 pilot fee collected during check-in. This is to help cover event and BBQ lunch costs.

What type of drone do I need? 

  • A 3″, 4″ or 5″ brushless quad. Keep in mind the course is designed primarily around the 5″ size, but you are free to fly a smaller quad as well. Modern 3″ and 4″ quads are also fast racers.
  • A video transmitter (vtx) no greater than 25mw in power.
  • We will be using the IMD6c frequency layout which is a mixture of Fatshark and Raceband bands. Please get familiar with your fpv setup in advance and learn how to quickly tune in your vtx and goggles to any one of these channels:
    • R1:5658mhz  R2:5695mhz  F2:5760mhz  F4:5800mhz  R7:5880mhz R8:5917mhz
  • Please ensure you have your failsafe setup properly. We will be testing everyone’s equipment during check-in. Please be prepared to demonstrate failsafe with props off.


9:00 AM Pilot Check-in and Safety inspection as course is being setup. $10 pilot fee will be collected on check-in
9:45 AM Course walk-through, Pilot and Safety Briefing
10:00 AM Begin practice rounds. Pilots will be placed into heats and get minimum 2 practice rounds on the track to warm up and learn the track. We will also use this time to work out any potential video issues that may arise within your group
11:00 AM Start Best 3/4 Lap Counting race.  Complete First 2 Rounds.
12:00 PM Break for BBQ Lunch (included in registration for pilots)
12:30 PM Streamer Cutting Contest
01:00 PM Last 2 rounds of Lap counting
02:15 PM  B Main: 2 bump up races + 1 final race
03:00 PM A Main: Top 8 Double Elimination rounds
04:15 PM Gap Shooting contest (last man standing through progressively smaller rings)
05:15 PM Awards Ceremony. Prizes handed out for racing and other contests
05:30 PM Freestyle session/demos. Bonus Streamer chasing if we have time
06:30 PM Begin track tear down

Other recommendations / info:

  • BBQ Lunch Provided for pilots
  • If at all possible, please add your name or callsign to your Camera or OSD. We plan to have a large screen tv onsite that will display all feeds simultaneously. Having your name on your OSD makes it much easier for spotters and any spectators to know they are watching the correct feed.
  • Onsite power will be available for charging



A Main Race Prizes:
1st: $200 Gift Certificate
2nd: $100 Gift Certificate
3rd: $50 Gift Certificate

B Main Race Prizes: (winner chooses first)
Tattu 1500 4s Lipo
Grvdigr 4” Frame
Deluxe Lipo Checker

Prize Pool
All winners of fpv minigames and “most epic crash of the day” get a ticket to this prize raffle

  1. 4x Spedix 20A Esc
  2. Grvdigr 3” Frame
  3. TBS Unify Race Vtx
  4. Runcam Micro
  5. Deluxe Lipo Checker
  6. 15% Off coupon
  7. 15% Off coupon
  8. 15% Off coupon
  9. And more!

Pilot Gift Bags

The first 15 pilots to check in and complete failsafe / vtx channel inspection will receive a goodie bag with:

-a set of props
-LED strip
-Lipo strap






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