Chapter Guidelines, Safety and Etiquette

MAAC Safety Documents

All MAAC documents can be found here:

Ones that are applicable to Racing Drones and FPV are linked below for your convenience. Every member of our chapter is expected to be familiar with and follow these:

Document 6: General Category R/C Model Aircraft

Document 7:Need for and Duties of Spotters and Helpers

Document 8: Use of First Person View Devices

Document 11:  R/C Night Flying

Document 14: R/C Indoor

Document 17: Radio Spectrum

Document 19: Small Park Flyers / Park Flying

Document 23:  All Multi-Rotor Model Aircraft

Document 24: First Person View (FPV) Racing Rules


WPG FPV Etiquette, Safety, and Guidelines

In Addition to the MAAC Rules above, our group adheres to the following guidelines for meetups:

  • We use the following 6 video channels on 25mw power:
  • DO Sign up for the Meetup on MultiGP.
  • DO Check in on MultiGP to get your video frequency. Let us know on Slack #meetups channel if you’d like to have a different channel. We try and have pilots stay on the same channel from week to week whenever possible to save everyone time.
  • DO Have your quad(s) setup on your assigned channel and 25mw power setting before you arrive whenever possible. There may be some downtime between groups to do this, but meetups will run more smoothly with more flying time for everyone if we come prepared and familiar with our setup, and know how to quickly change to one of the 6 channels on both our vtx and goggles.
  • DON’T power up your quad when you are in the pilot area. This can overpower pilots flying even if you are on a different channel due to the proximity of your quad to their goggles. There will be a designated Take-off/Landing/Power up spot at least 10 meters away from the pilot area. Please walk your quad to this spot and plug in there.
  • DON’T land your quad at your feet (in the pilot area) after your flight. Land in the designated landing/take-off area. Then unplug your quad before bringing it back to the pilot area.
  • DON’T walk right in front of a pilot as they are flying. Your body can block their fpv signal if you are standing right in front of his goggle antennas.
  • DO announce when you are powering up in the middle of a heat if people are flying. Something to the effect of yelling: “Powering up” while looking toward the pilot area to see if anyone is affected, being ready to unplug again quickly if they are.  Put your body between your quad and the pilot area.
  • DO take off at the same time as your group, even if you are not planning to race or fly the track. This is the best way to ensure we can cycle through the groups smoothly and everyone gets equal flying time.

Flying Format:
Cycle groups every 7 minutes. (5 minutes of flying. 2 minutes downtime) Pilots are free to race/fly the track or freestyle during their time slot. Racing will happen at the same time as freestyle.

Race Format:
Our weekly meetup racing will be a shorter version of the typical MultiGP format:

  • 3 rounds of 2:00 minute lap counting races
  • Add up your total laps completed over the 3 rounds to get your score
  • Pilots are divided into A and B main groups based on results of qualifying rounds
  • Each main will run a “First to complete 3 lap” Race to determine the overall winner of their main.


  • DON’T enter the flying area during the 5:00 group flying time. Wait until the 2:00 of downtime between groups to safely retrieve your crashed quad.
  • DON’T fly over the pilot area or spectator area, (flight line).  Also avoid flying quickly towards those areas, estimate what would happen if you had a failsafe/loss of control at those times.
  • Each group must have a designated spotter before they begin flying. The spotters job is to keep an eye on the flight area and alert the pilots to any changes in safety. Should any foot traffic walk onto the field, pilots flying will be notified by spotters, asked to avoid that area, and land immediately. Racing in progress will be restarted

Equipment damage:
All collisions between quads are considered no fault accidents. Collisions are an inevitable part of the hobby and due to the speed and size of our aircraft. No one is held responsible should damage occur to your quad. Flying your quad at the meetup is at your own risk.